4 Roof Maintenance Tips to Get Your Roof Ready for the Spring Season

Roof maintenance is important for the condition of your roof. In order to have a sturdy roof, we must perform maintenance seasonally. One of the season that seems to be overlooked is spring. While it might not seem like anything can happen to your roof, but spring is the season of rain and storms. Here are four roof maintenance tips to get your roof ready for spring.

4 Roof Maintenance Tips to Get Your Roof Ready for the Spring Season

Clean You Gutters

You probably cleaned your gutters at the beginning of Fall, but it’s time to do it again! Gutters that are too full can direct water onto the roof, causing too much water to pool on your roof.

Check Your Roof Shingles

Make sure that there are no cracks or broken shingles on your roof. Summer heat can cause shingles to curl and crack, so checking them in the spring will ensure your shingles are prepared for the summer weather.

Inspect Your Ceilings

If you notice that your ceilings are leaking or sagging, it could mean that there is water damage to the roof and it’s leaking into the attic. Put a bucket down to catch the water and call a roofer immediately.

Examine Your Siding and Window Frames

When we think of roof maintenance, we tend to forget our siding and windows. Check the siding and windows to make sure there aren’t any loose boards or damage.

If you find any damages, call Ridgeline Exteriors at (207) 432-0810 for exceptional residential roof repairs in Sanford, ME. We will guarantee to provide quality roof repairs that are long-lasting and reliable.