Different Types of Metal Roofs

Metal roofing systems are a remarkably durable choice for protecting your home from the elements. There are a few different styles to choose from, each with their own advantages, so we will explore some of these different options and help you find the ideal metal roof for your property!

Corrugated Sheet Metal9166124_s

Corrugated sheet metal roofing systems are among the most affordable and lightest metal roofing systems available. They provide a basic aesthetic value that can be painted a variety of colors, but will require repainting before long. These roofing systems can rust if not maintained, but are quite durable and, with some upkeep, can last for decades.


These metal roofing systems offer a wonderful look and are very durable. These metal roofing systems can also be painted in a variety of textures and colors to customize their look, but the weight of this roofing material means that your building will have to meet certain standards in order to hold up the roof.

Stone-Coated Metal

These are typically the most expensive roofing system, depending upon the size o
f your building. They offer a unique, natural look that paint simply cannot replicate, which makes them very attractive. Their durability is unmatched when it comes to roofing systems, and a stone-coated metal roof may very well be the last roof you install.

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