Did Your Gutters Survive Winter?

Winter can do a lot of damage. All it takes is one freeze and your cluttered gutters could become very heavy. They could pull away from the edge of your roof, causing damage that way. That moisture could also leak into your roof, causing slow mildew, mold, and roof rot. Check your gutters to make sure they survived the winter.

Winter Gutter Damage

Leaves on Roof and in Gutter

Did Your Gutters Survive Winter?

Did you clean your gutters before and during winter? You might think that it’s normal for leaves and moisture to build up in your gutters; gutter cleaning is one of the most commonly-neglected household tasks. But, all those leaves weigh your gutters down. The excess moisture they have don’t help either. All that weight can cause them to put away from your house. That moisture can make its way into your roof, too. When you add freezing temperatures, you have heavy, frozen, wet leaves damaging your roof.

Moisture might work slowly, but when it makes its way into your roof and home, the damage can be severe. Mildew stinks and it not easy to be rid of. Mold is damaging and dangerous, and can also be difficult and expensive to remove. Your roof can also rot. Seals crack, shingles come off, and your roof becomes unstable in extreme circumstances.

You can avoid most, if not all, of these problems by keeping your gutters clean. If it’s difficult to find time, or doing so is risky, you can hire help for that. When you need gutter installation, and other gutter and roof services, trust our roofing experts at Ridgeline Exteriors. Call us at (207) 432-0810 for these services in Sanford, ME and the surrounding areas.