Maintaining Your Rain Gutters

They may be out of sight – out of mind, but rain gutters are an important aspect of your home’s roof structure. Without them the foundation of the house can shift over time and the siding and roof could be damaged by the water run off.

installing gutter guards on a home.

Maintaining your gutters is a fairly simple task. You’ll want to clean them out every once in awhile, especially in the fall if you have a lot of trees that shed leaves near the house. If you’d rather not have to clean them out, installing gutter guards will prevent leaves and other debris from filling the rain gutters.

Keeping the gutters cleaned out helps in two ways. The first, when it rains, water will overflow onto the roof and down siding if the gutters are clogged with debris. This can cause wood rot in the soffit, facia, and siding. In the winter, if the gutters are full of leaves, the ice that forms could cause the gutters to crack. It also increases the chance of ice dams on the roof.

Do you have old gutters that need replacing? There are plenty of materials to choose from when looking at new gutters to install. Seamless Aluminum and Steel are great choices for sturdy gutters that can withstand temperature change and less likely to succumb to issues like rust and leaks.

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