Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

When your roof is showing signs of damage, you’ll want to have it checked to determine what types of repairs will be required to get your roof back in working condition. If the damage is severe enough, a roof replacement may be needed. Here are some of the deciding factors of whether you need repairs or a replacement:

Roofer Performing a Roof Tear Off

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Most repairs are needed after a storm has passed through and left hail damage, missing shingles, or dents or cracks from tree branches being blown into the roof. Typically if there are only a few areas of damage and the structure is okay overall, you will most likely just need some minor repairs.

Roof replacements are usually only required when the damage was severe enough to affect most of the roof structure and the insulation underneath. If the roof structure was fairly old to begin with, a replacement may be needed to ensure that the underlying structure of the roof is fully intact. If a roof repair is needed, we will do a tear-off to get rid of the old shingles and roof layers so we have a clean surface to install your new roof on.

Having the structure of your roof inspected by a roofing professional is the best option for getting a thorough and detailed overview of your roof’s condition. Do you need roof repair in Sanford, ME? Contact the roofing specialists at Ridgeline Exteriors (207) 432-0810 for quality roofing services for your home.