Rain Gutters

Gutter Installation & Repair in Sanford, MEGutters help protect your home from the damage caused by erosion as rainwater runs down your home, along your eaves, and around your home’s foundation. By gathering and directing that rainwater away from your home, gutters can greatly improve the life of your home while helping it stay clean in the process.

Gutters typically come in two forms and are both named after the shape of their cross-section.

  • K-style gutters have flat backs and a flat bottom while the front of the gutter is usually shaped in a decorative curve, often made to mimic crown molding. There are a variety of styles available.
  • Half-round gutters are essentially round tubes that have been cut in half, hence their name. These gutters are most often seen on historic homes and don’t usually hold as much as K-style gutters of the same width.

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Gutter Materials

Gutters can be made from a variety of metals, including:

Copper – Copper is exceptionally beautiful, and will not require painting or finishing (copper won’t rust, and develops a protective layer known as a patina, which is generally considered visually appealing).

Aluminum – Aluminum is lightweight and rust resistant. The durability and ease of installation make aluminum the most popular choice for gutter systems today.

Steel – Steel is a strong, durable metal that will withstand extreme temperatures. These gutters can be galvanized to prevent rust, and can be painted to match your home.

Vinyl – Vinyl gutters are lightweight, inexpensive, and relatively durable. The color selection for vinyl gutters is more limited than other options, but for a fast, easy, affordable gutter system, vinyl is hard to beat.

Zinc – Zinc gutters are durable and long-lasting. They will also develop a patina, and won’t need to be painted or maintained. The seams must be welded, which can increase the cost of installation, and so zinc gutters are most often seen on high-end buildings and historic restorations.

Seamless Aluminum – Seamless gutters are formed on-site with a spool of aluminum. A gutter forming machine fabricates the entire length of gutter, creating a custom-fit system for your home. Seamless gutters are among the most popular gutter systems in use today. By eliminating seams along the length of your gutter, many potential problems can be avoided, as the seams are often the first place to leak or clog.

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