Wood Shingles

Wood Shingles in Kennebunk, MEWood shingles are usually made from western red cedar, cypress, pine, or redwood trees. Wooden shingles and shakes have been a popular choice among homeowners since the development of post-Victorian-style houses in the late 1800’s. Wood shingles and shakes provide durable protection against the elements and retain a beautiful, natural look that cannot be mimicked by other roofing materials.

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Shingles or Shakes

Wood Shingles in Sanford, METhe difference between shingles and shakes lies in how they are made. Shingles are milled more precisely than shakes, and provide a more uniform, refined appearance. Shakes provide an irregular, more rustic appearance. Shakes are typically sawn on at least one side, and these grooves are made today by machines to provide a consistency across multiple runs of shingles.

Shakes are typically thicker than wooden shingles, and this means a roof with wood shingles will lie more uniform. Shakes are irregular, and this requires layers of felt paper to be placed between each run to provide adequate protection against moisture. Functionally, this is the main difference between shingles and shakes.

Shingle installations are very precise, and because they lay flat, don’t require felt paper in between each run. Shingles are installed so that there are 3 layers overlapping, while the felt paper in between runs of wood shakes allows for the use of only 2 layers, reducing thickness. In either case, the joints between shingles are offset on alternating rows, preventing water from running down one seam and directly into another.

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