Snow Removal

If more than a foot of snow has accumulated on your roof, it is recommended that you have it removed. This is a job best left to professional as it requires special tools and the utmost safety. If you need roof snow removal in Sanford, ME, call Ridgeline Exteriors at (207) 432-0810 today!

The Danger of Snow Buildup on Your Roof

roof snow removalDepending on the age and condition of your roof, the weight of snow and ice can put significant strain on it. To extend the life of your roof and prevent unnecessary damage, snow removal is an important part of winter roof maintenance. Not only can the weight cause potential issues, but the melting and refreezing of ice and snow can leads to ice dams.

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms in your gutters or along the edge of your roof. As heat from your attic melts snow on your roof, the water flows down the roof and gets trapped by the ice dam. When water sits on your roof instead of running off, it can seep under your shingles and lead to serious problems. If you have a flat roof, a similar process can lead to water getting into the seams of your membrane roof.

If a significant amount of snow has fallen on your roof, it’s best to call a professional for snow removal. DIY snow removal often leads to injuries or roof damage, so only take matters into your own hands if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, stay inside where it’s warm and call (207) 432-0810 for professional roof snow removal in Sanford, ME.

Expert Snow Removal Services

At Ridgeline Exteriors, our roofers use the utmost care when removing snow from your roof. We take precautions not to damage your shingles or flat roof, and carefully inspect your roof for ice dams. We will make sure your roof is draining properly so melting snow does not continue to be an issue. If you already have damage caused by an ice dam, we can get your roof back in shape! Call us at (207) 432-0810 for roof snow removal in Sanford, ME today!